Metal fiber laser cutting machine helps the development of environmental protection industry

TIME:07-12 2021

At present, the phenomenon of "Global Warming" is becoming more and more serious, and Low- carbon life has become a new kind of lifestyle.

Green and environmental protection surrounds everyone's life, from travel and transportation, residential buildings, to production and lifestyle, which are closely related to low carbon.

Garbage classification is an important part of achieving low-carbon environmental protection.

laser cutting for garbage sorting bin.jpg

Smart garbage sorting bins are widely used in cities due to their easy operation, high efficiency, and intelligence.

The smart garbage sorting bin is composed of multiple pieces of sheet metal, and when it comes to sheet metal cutting processing, you have to mention the metal fiber laser cutting machine.

Metal fiber laser cutting machine can cut and process metal materials with high precision and efficiency, providing technical support for manufacturers of smart waste sorting bins.

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Whether it is the cabinet body, the rain awning on the top or the metal base, the fiber metal laser cutting machine can fast cutting, drilling, and welding. Improve efficiency and save time for manufacturers.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser sheet metal processing is simpler and more flexible, and has lower operating and maintenance costs.

laser cutting for garbage sorting bin.jpg.jpg

Sheet metal cutting and pipe cutting technology has played a role in the manufacture of intelligent waste sorting bins. The laser precise drilling avoids the appearance of burrs.

Metal fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, brass and other metal materials' cutting and hollowing processing. It is widely used in the processing of various metal cabinets.