Metal fiber laser machine supplier help the construction of Olympic venues

TIME:07-27 2021

The delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games officially began on July 23, 2021.

Tokyo Olympics are in full swing this week

Athletes from all over the world try their best to win honors for their countries


Our eyes have also shifted from the athletes to the design of the stadium

The design of the venue embodies the attention to detail and the concept of environmental protection

As we know, the application of sheet metal is indispensable in the construction industry

Metal fiber laser machine supplier play an important role in sheet metal processing

A large number of wood is used in the Olympic venues this time, highlighting the Japanese characteristics

But sheet metal is also essential

Olympic venue.jpg

In addition to being used in venue construction, metal fiber laser machine can also be used in many field

Olympic symbols, award platform, stairs, window glass, etc.

The birth of a venue includes a variety of processes, metal fiber laser machine supplier's technology is just one of them

The combination of a variety of high-tech technologies and concepts has made today's venues

We hope that all athletes can achieve their best results in this Olympics.