DIY metal bookmarks with fiber laser cutting machine

TIME:07-28 2021

Do you remember the bookmarks in the pages of the book when you were young?

They are both unique and useful


Some may still be in old books, recording a young memory

There are many types of bookmarks, including wood, metal, and leather.


Most bookmarks are using hollow technology

With the popularity of Chinese style, some creative metal bookmarks appeared

Engraving on thin metal plates with fiber laser cutting machine

According to the drawing carve out your own style bookmark

Learn more about fiber laser cutting machine to help you design more bookmarks


Advantages of sheet metal processing with fiber laser cutting machine:

1.High quality: The fiber laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, and the cutting section has no burrs and does not require secondary processing;

2. High flexibility: The fiber laser cutting machine processes thin metal plates without the aid of a mold, no matter how complicated the pattern is, it can be formed at one time;

3. Low cost: The fiber laser cutting machine has higher processing efficiency than other cutting equipment;

4. More environmentally friendly: the optical fiber cutting machine has less waste, low noise, clean, safe, and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment.