Stainless steel laser cutting machine, a good helper for kitchenware manufacturers

TIME:08-03 2021

Cooking is inevitable in our daily life

Range hood, which can capture the cooking oil fume quickly and effectively, become an essential electrical appliance in residential kitchen

As a good helper for the kitchen, the range hood cannot be manufactured without stainless steel


Therefore, stainless steel laser cutting machine for kitchenware cutting has become very common. Using a new sheet metal processing technology-laser cutting technology, stainless steel laser cutting machine will have more advantages in kitchenware manufacturing

Stainless steel laser cutting machine equipment not only has fast processing speed and high processing efficiency, but also has the characteristics of simple operation and can easily complete the cutting of various shapes of plates


In addition to range hoods, other kitchen utensils are generally made of stainless steel. The metal fiber laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel materials and engrave metal surface patterns

Laser cutting technology meets the customized needs of the kitchen and bathroom supplies market. The production cycle is short, which reduces the time cost of the mold opening process.


Stainless steel laser cutting machine helps more kitchenware manufacturers to complete high-quality product processing, choose Haoji technology, choose quality.