Fiber laser cutter processing indoor metal screen, beautiful and practical!

TIME:08-12 2021

As an important part of traditional furniture, screens and room dividers have a long history

There's no need too much embellishment because it's an art in itself

Laser-cut hollow screen is a kind of decoration that use fiber laser cutter to hollowing out the stainless steel plate. Smooth surface and flat are their advantages 

laser cut metal screen.jpg

Metal screens can be used in all kinds of hotel, shopping mall, home, restaurant, meeting room...

Even simple placement can be both beautiful and practical

When the light shines into the interior space, the original cold metal is transformed through light and shadow, reflecting artistic conception with beautiful and romantic

laser cut metal screen.jpg

The fiber laser cutter can perfectly present the designer's ideas, and can be integrated into the modern design environment

Advantages of fiber laser cutter:

1. High precision and high efficiency, replace the traditional mechanical knife with laser

2. It can realize automatic typesetting, no need to set molds, simple operation, very convenient

fiber laser cut.jpg

3. The professional database covers cutting process schemes of different materials and thicknesses, combined with the schemes to achieve better process cutting, smooth cuts

4.Strictly control the cost and save the material

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