Laser engraving machine customize high-end metal name badges for you

TIME:08-19 2021

The name badge is a symbol of a company, and it can improve the brand image very well

Metal name badge laser engraving machine adopts new processing method, which is well received by manufacturers

Metal name badge.jpg

It's suitable for various types of name badges processing, metal, non-metal...

It can help name badge manufacturers improve the production process and reduce costs

Engraved metal name badges for work can not only help people quickly identify employees, but also show professional and preciseness

Engraved metal name badges.jpg

In the process of making the name badge, from the material to the production process, it affects the other's first impression of the company

Metal material is more durable and beautiful than plastic

Metal name badge laser engraving machine is not limited by color and shape

Engraved metal name badges.jpg

Enterprises can customize name badges according to their own corporate image

The laser engraving machine has fast cutting speed, high precision, no nicks, smooth surface, and the font is clear

Our fiber laser engraving machine is the best choice for name badge manufacturers.