Choose a professional laser cutting machine supplier to process distribution cabinets

TIME:08-25 2021

The function of the power distribution cabinets are to distribute and control the electrical equipment 

Commonly used distribution cabinets are made of wood and iron plates. Stainless steel material has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, strong and durable

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, sunny or rainy, it can effectively protect the circuit

laser cut distribution cabinet.jpg

The laser cutting machine supplier is important in the manufacture of stainless steel distribution cabinets

Laser cutting is especially suitable for cutting and hollowing out sheet metal. These two processes are indispensable for the manufacture of stainless steel distribution boxes.

As a professional laser cutting machine supplier, Haoji Laser has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good quality and high precision, which can perfectly meet the customized requirements of customers

laser cut distribution cabinet.jpg

We only need to import the design drawings into the system, and the laser cutting machine can achieve perfect cutting and effectively control the cost

To meet customers' special requirements for products, Haoji laser can customize personalized non-standard laser cutting machine equipment for customers

Distribution cabinets are generally non-standard products and require customized processing. Compared with traditional processing methods, the laser cutting process has excellent adaptability and flexibility

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Stainless steel laser cutting machine not only to process distribution cabinets, but also to process kitchenware, Metal advertising letters&numbers, industrial machinery, auto parts, etc.

Stainless steel laser cutting machine supplier, choose Haoji laser, choose quality.